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About EDS

ENERGY DELIVERY SOLUTIONS (EDS) is a leading electricity trading company on the eligible customers’ market in the Republic of Macedonia, with a 150MW portfolio, furnishing the biggest industrial producers in our country such as FENI INDUSTRIES AD KAVADARCI, Makstil AD Skopje, Cementarnica Usje AD-Skopje, ArcelorMittal AD Skopje and Bucim DOOEL Radovish with electricity. The liberalization of the electricity market will cause an increase in the amount of trading for additional 10 000 GWh and will create a need for establishing balancing groups. Starting from 2013, enterprises which have more than 50 employees and total annual income or total assets more than 10 million EUR in MKD counter value will also have the opportunity to purchase electricity, along with the eight already existing eligible customers. As a company that specializes in electricity solutions, EDS aspires to expand its portfolio to electricity retailing i.e. to the new eligible customers. As a company which takes care of its costumers, EDS is planning on establishing a balance group and providing customers with a model which will help them purchase electricity independently and at the same time help them have minimal costs.

The knowledge, expertise, creativity and integrity of our employees and managers allow us to come up with creative solutions to the changing market demands and our customers’ evolving needs. Our mission is to serve our customers and partners by developing innovative and effective complementary solutions with guaranteed transparency, speed, reliability, safety and efficiency. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service, and that dedication additionally strengthens our reputation as a reliable and innovative electricity trade partner. For its own and for the needs of its partners, EDS issues forecasts for the demand and supply on the renewable energy markets throughout the whole of Europe, optimizes the supply and demand and enhances the security of the supply, with the purpose of providing overall long-term benefit to the economy and society.